​Savour the gastronomic specialties prepared by our celebrity master chef from Hong Kong. With signature dishes ranging from traditional recipes of Braised Superior Shark’s Fins Soup , Specialty “Monk Jump Over The Wall” with Shark’s Fried Fish Maw, Deep Fried Pigeon-Hong Kong Style (Import from Hong Kong) , Bakes Goose Feet with Brown Sauce Sea Cucumber with Brown Sauce, Hong Kong Stir Fried Chinese Kale ,Deep Fried Silver Fish in A Batter (Hong Kong Recipe) Etc. This specialty restaurant warmly welcomes all honourable guests with its clean , elegant and yet spacious ambience occupying. Luxurious V.I.P. rooms with a seating capacity of 4,8,10,12, or 15 guests are available for your private dining pleasures. Ideal private function rooms with a maximum seating capacity of five round tables for Chinese Lunch or Dinner with the convenience of an access to one hundred (150) car parking lots



Phone:  0-2656-6555

LINE: @taechew
Email:  fb@granddiamondsuites.com

​Open Daily from
11.30 am. - 2.30 pm.
And 6.30 pm. - 10.30 pm.